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Measuring happiness

yousef 25/06/2024

The dialogue about happiness has not changed much for the past 3000 years since ancient Greek and Roman times.But people pretend that everything has changed and that more people are unhappy than ever. That’s supposed to be because we’re more connected than ever.You read it all the time. “Technology makes people feel lonely and depressed!”

I agree that technology itself has changed. But human nature has not. People have been unhappy, lonely, miserable, and sad since the start of modern civilization. We still ask ourselves questions like:

  • Do I like my job?
  • How about my house?
  • Does my partner make me happy?
  • How much money do I need to be happy?

We’ve been thinking like that for centuries. And if you have a similar thinking process, I can tell you that it’s wrong.Conventional thinking about happiness implies that other things or people make us happy. Have you ever thought about that?

Why is it that we believe something always has to make us happy?I think that’s the biggest problem with happiness. Why do we keep associating happiness with external things like career, love, and money?