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Master the German Language with Our Expert Courses

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Excel in Goethe Examinations with Our Specialized Courses

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Enhance Your Career Prospects with German Language Skills

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Are you planning to visit, work or study in Germany? So Super Eins will help you achieve your goals through unique services provided by a group of consultants and experts in the field of German language education. Super Eins is characterized by provide a variety of services related to travel and the study of the German language

Why Super 1

Introduction To Best German language Academy!

Super 1 will be with you step by step in all stages of learning the German language, as the Super 1 Academy is considered the best in the field of learning the German language





Mission We Aim For You!







Language Workshops

Your pathway to germany learn, travel, connect and experience the magic of deutch!

Language Workshops

Your pathway to germany learn, travel, connect and experience the magic of deutch!

Our experts Instructor


A unique experience with SuperEins! The courses are very diverse and useful, and the technical support ensures your comfort throughout the journey

Mohamed Hassan

With their expert instructors and top-notch customer service, they take the stress out of learning and turn it into a fun and rewarding experience.

Noura Mostafa

Learning German has been a road with bumps, but I'm confident Supereins can smooth it out. Their focus on simplifying learning and paperwork gives me hope for renewed progress.

Ammar Yasser

SuperEins helped me learn more about Germany. The support is excellent, and the courses are suitable for different levels.

Fatma Mahmoud

SuperEins is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to learn a language and prepare for travel. The service and support they provide is above excellent.

Amr Mohamed

This is what it means to embark on a transformative journey of mastering German: starting from scratch and scaling the heights of fluency. Every step is fueled by meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of self-improvement. My heart overflows with admiration and best wishes for their success."

Hadeer Alaa

I think flexibility is the most important thing in learning journey and they do a great job for making anything simpler and flexible.

Ali Mahmoud

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Blogs And Vlogs About Travel and life in Germany

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