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Explore the Camera Component

yousef 25/06/2024

In the previous tutorial, you created a level for your game. The character can now walk around the Scene, but this means that he sometimes wanders away from the camera. In this tutorial, you’ll adjust the camera settings to make sure this doesn’t happen. Scenes in Unity are made up of GameObjects which in turn have a collection of components attached to them. The way that the Scene is viewed by players is constructed in the same way. To view the Scene, a GameObject in the Scene must have a Camera component. When a new Scene is created, a GameObject is added called Main Camera which has a Camera component.

The camera points down the GameObject’s z-axis and behaves exactly like all other GameObjects. In the Scene view, you can see a gizmo representing the camera’s frustum. The frustrum is a solid shape that looks like a pyramid with the top cut off parallel to the base. This is the shape of the region that can be seen and rendered by a perspective camera.

When you make a game, you have a few options to make sure that the camera followers the player character. One solution would be to write a script for this. However, Unity has a built-in solution to the problem: Cinemachine.