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Creating your Editor window

yousef 25/06/2024

Let’s now create your Editor window and add it to Unity’s menu bar:

public class QuickTool : EditorWindow
    [MenuItem("QuickTool/Open _%#T")]
    public static void ShowWindow()
        // Opens the window, otherwise focuses it if it’s already open.
        var window = GetWindow<QuickTool>();

        // Adds a title to the window.
        window.titleContent = new GUIContent("QuickTool");

        // Sets a minimum size to the window.
        window.minSize = new Vector2(250, 50);

Note: The characters _%#T at the end of the MenuItem string lets us add a shortcut to open the window, which is here CTRL + SHIFT + T.Save your code and go back to Unity. You should see a new item called “QuickTool” in the menu bar: click on it. Then, if you click on “Open”, your window should open (and be empty). Note: Verify that the title of your window is correct (in this case, “QuickTool”).