Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Add detail to your 3D model without a High Poly Mesh

yousef 25/06/2024

To add objects to an existing LOD level

  1. Select the objects to add.
  2. In the Outliner or Hypergraph, middle-drag to reparent the objects under the LOD sub group you want.
  3. Zoom in and out to test the LOD switch.

To add a new level

  1. In the Outliner, select an existing level in your LOD_Group.
  2. Select Edit > Duplicate from the main menu bar.This creates a new level within the group, with a unique name. Delete any duplicated child mesh for your new level.
  3. To add a new object to the level, middle-drag the object target LOD_n node using either the Hypergraph or Outliner.