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Conserving water in your household

yousef 10/08/2019

Check and repair and leaks in your home.

Leaky pipes can waste thousands of gallons of water per year. Not only will this waste precious water if a drought hits, but it will run up your water bill during normal times. Thoroughly check your home for any leaks and repair them to increase your preparedness for a drought.

  • Check the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Also look at the handles of faucets, since water can escape here as well.
  • Check your toilet to make sure no water is escaping from the back of the tank into the bowl. Add food coloring to the tank. Don’t flush and check back in 30 minutes. If there is color in the bowl, you have a leaky seal in the tank and should get it repaired.
  • Take a reading of your water meter. Then wait 30 minutes without using any water and check it again. If there is any difference, you have a leak somewhere. If you can’t locate it, call a plumber to investigate.

Install water-efficient appliances.

Household appliances often use much more water than they have to. Upgrade certain appliances in your home to water-efficient versions to save money and conserve water in the event of a drought.

  • You can get a low-flow shower head to save water while you shower.
  • Install a low-volume toilet to avoid wasting water while flushing.

Turn water off when not in use.

It is a bad habit to keep the faucet running when brushing your teeth or shaving. Instead, you’ll save a lot of water by turning the faucet off while your brush or shave.