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Prioritize but don’t pursue Happiness

yousef 25/06/2024

A lot of people’s absolute idea of happiness is terribly skewed.In fact, you won’t be as happy in life as you expect if you got a promotion tomorrow or even get 15% increment in salary.

You will be ‘glad” in the short-term, but in the long-term, you won’t necessarily be “happy”.According to one research study, doubling your income only increases happiness by 9 percent. That’s sad.

“There are many circumstances in life where happiness is not only the wrong response but also where the expectation of happiness as a response will put you, the person attempting to be happy, in absolutely the wrong psychological state to be prepared for what must be done.”

In a research, Iris Mauss, a social psychologist at U.C. Berkeley who studies the possible negative consequences of seeking happiness, found that people who place a great value on being happy actually have more mental health problems, including, sadly enough, depression.The more value you place on your own happiness, the more likely you are to feel lonely.