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Drawing from the right side of brain

yousef 25/06/2024

The teaching method is based on Dr. Edwards’ theory of the two sides of the human brain.  Our brains have a left and right hemisphere.  The left hemisphere is chiefly verbal while our right hemisphere is visual. The theory explains that most people produce “childish” drawings because they are using the left side of the brain rather than the right. The actual theory is covered more in depth in the primary New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book, so consult that for more details.

The aim of this book is to get you to shift over to the right side of your brain when you draw. To do that, the book contains forty exercises. These exercises are divided up into five sections that cover the five basic skills of drawing: perception of edges, perception of spaces, perception of relationships, perception of lights and shadows, and perception of the gestalt.

The workbook comes with a plastic viewfinder which is used with some of the exercises.  Other materials that you’ll need for the exercises inside the New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook are relatively easy to find/cheap to buy such a pencils, erasers, graphite sticks, etc.